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Bi-LINK Gateway software download


How do I install the Bi-LINK Gateway desktop application to upload my data?

To upload your device data, please download and install the Bi-LINK Gateway utility. This utility is available for Windows PCs and it can be downloaded from: Bi-LINK Gateway software download

I've Downloaded Bi-LINK Gateway, how do I upload my data?

Now that the Bi-LINK Gateway utility has been installed, login with your Bi-LINK account information. Once logged in, simply select your device.

Your device is now ready to upload. Simply insert your device data into your USB reader and select the matching device name from your personal Gateway library. Once you’ve chosen the device you wish to upload from, click “Upload Data” and “Start Upload”. The Gateway utility will guide you through the device upload process.

I uploaded my data using the Bi-LINK Gateway Utility, how do I view my data?

Return to the Bi-LINK web application and click the Dashboard Tab. Note: there may be a brief delay after uploading before your data is available on the web.

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